Action-Driven Business Plan: From the ‘Classroom’ to the World

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  • Welcome & Make a Plan
    • Create a completed non-business plan (a series of actions each of which moves your idea toward implementation), including a list of the activities to be undertaken, with degrees of importance (scale of 1 to 3, where 1 is ‘most important’).
  • Zoom Out
    • Write a diary: recording conversations, data, insights, day by day, gleaned from a variety of sources, by face-to-face chats, email, Web searches, etc.
  • Zoom In
    • A revision of the original product or service idea, in light of information gathered in the Zoom Out process
  • Shape the Business Design - part 1
    • Begin to design the business or organization that will successfully implement your creative idea. Prepare an activity map.
  • Shape the Business Design - part 2
    • Prepare an initial cash flow statement, showing money flowing out (operations; capital) and flowing in. Estimate your capital needs realistically. Prepare a bootstrapping option (self financing). Prepare a risk map.
  • Write a Business Plan
    • Prepare a business plan comprising five sections: The Need; The Product; Unique Features; The Market; Future Developments. Include a Gantt chart (project plan – detailed activities and starting and ending dates); and a project budget.
      Prepare an effective two-minute video describing your idea, including your ‘pitch’