Achieving Transitions to Zero Carbon Emissions and Sustainable Urban Mobility

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Understand the steps to becoming sustainable city

Transport accounts for a large proportion of carbon emissions, so ensuring urban mobility systems are sustainable is key to helping cities to achieve zero-carbon goals.

On this four-week course, you’ll discover how cities can transition their mobility systems to become sustainable, innovative, and inclusive.

You will develop an understanding of the policy tools and methods that cities can use to achieve their vision to transition to a zero-carbon sustainable urban mobility city.

Learn to overcome the challenges cities face in achieving net zero carbon emissions

On the course, you will explore the major challenges facing cities in reaching net zero carbon mobility emissions.

You’ll learn to identify barriers to change and the enabling factors that can facilitate implementation processes. With this knowledge, you’ll have the skills to better address these challenges in your city.

Adopt a systems thinking approach to transport and urban systems

Based on practical examples, you will explore a range of urban environments from a systems thinking and cross-sectoral perspective.

You’ll learn from relevant case studies across the globe to identify the needs of a range of cities. This exploration will give you an improved understanding of evidence-based policy-making and decision-making processes.

Learn from leading experts across the world

Guided by a range of experts from universities to policy-makers and international organisations, you will learn how to challenge traditional transport policy-making processes and generate new ideas and approaches.

By the end of the course, you will have upskilled to better address the challenges faced in the transport and urban sectors and be a more effective advocate for achieving sustainable urban mobility and zero-carbon systems.

This course is designed for anyone, with no prior knowledge or prerequisites required.

This course will be particularly useful if you are concerned about reducing transport carbon emissions and want to learn more about sustainable urban mobility and transitions. It will be especially relevant if you are a professional or practitioner in the field; or you are a student interested in the environment and transportation. It is designed to be of value to participants from around the world.