Achieving Advanced Insights with BigQuery

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  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the third course in the Data Insights specialization. Let's review what material we will cover with advanced BigQuery functions and architecture.
  • Advanced Functions and Clauses
    • Deepen your knowledge of SQL on BigQuery by learning about more advanced functions like statistical approximations, analytical window queries, user-defined functions, and WITH clauses.
  • Schema Design and Nested Data Structures
    • Walkthrough the evolution of how traditional databases handle dataset scale and compare how BigQuery was developed to address scaling limitations. Deep dive into nested and repeated fields which are a key part of denormalized BigQuery data structures.
  • More Visualization with Google Data Studio
    • Dive deeper into advanced visualization topics like dashboard calculated fields, filters, multi-page reports, and dashboard cache.
  • Optimizing for Performance
    • Learn the fundamental pieces of work that impact BigQuery performance and how to optimize your queries for speed.
  • Advanced Insights with Cloud AI Platform
    • Introducing Cloud AI Platform -- a key tool in the Data Scientist toolkit -- which enables analysts to collaborate through the use of scalable cloud notebooks.
  • Data Access
    • Securing and sharing your BigQuery datasets is critical for any organization. Learn what Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery tools are available to you to permission control and share your data.
  • Summary
    • Congratulations! You have made it to the end. Let's recap what we have covered so far.