Accreditation for Diploma Engineering Programme – January, 2022

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Module 1
  1. Explain about National Board of Accreditation
  2. State vision mission and objectives of NBA
  3. State benefits of NBA Accreditation
  4. State the significance and impact of NBA
Module 2
  1. Craft the vision of the institute and department
  2. Derive the mission of the institute and department
  3. Develop programme educational objectives
  4. Prepare consistency map between PEOs and mission
Module 3
  1. State the programme outcomes(POs) in the context of specific discipline
  2. Write programme specific outcomes in the context of specific discipline
  3. Identify curricula gaps and content beyond syllabus
  4. Design teaching learning process for achieving stated outcomes
  5. State the methods for improving the quality of semester test and assignments
  6. State the type of experiments which develops outcome level abilities
  7. Explain the methods to assure quality of students projects and project report
  8. State the importance of involving industry in teaching learning process and internship
  9. Describe the information access facilities for students and teachers
  10. State the importance of students centric learning approach
  11. State the initiative which may be taken to develop professional skills
  12. State the importance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
Module 4
  1. Explain the process of establishing correlation between the courses and POs and PSOs
  2. Explain the process of establishing attainment of course outcomes
  3. Explain the process of establishing attainment of programme outcomes and programme specific outcomes.
Module 5
  1. Explain the process of determining the enrollment ratio
  2. Explain the process of calculating the success rate and success index.
  3. Explain the process of establishing the level of academic performance
  4. Explain the importance of placement and higher studies.
  5. Explain the professional activities required in a polytechnic institute.
  6. State the need and importance of technical magazine and newsletter for diploma engineering programmes.
Module 6
  1. Provide information on faculty and their contribution
  2. Calculate marks for student faculty ratio, faculty qualification, faculty retention, faculty training and development
  3. Describe activities under product development, consultancy, manufacturing contracts and testing
  4. Describe faculty performance appraisal and development system and implementation of career advancement scheme
Module 7
  1. Describe role of well-equipped classroom, workshop and laboratory
  2. Describe role of language laboratory
Module 8
  1. Describe the actions taken based on the results of evaluation of each programme outcome and programme specific outcome
  2. State the improvement in success index
  3. State the improvement in placement and higher studies
  4. State the improvement in academic performance
  5. Conduct academic audit
  6. Describe the new facilities created in the department
Module 9
  1. List the activities of the mentoring system of the polytechnic
  2. Describe feedback analysis system of the polytechnic
  3. List the activities of the career guidance, training and placement system of the polytechnic
  4. List the activities of entrepreneurship development cell
  5. Describe the facilities and activities of business incubator
Module 10
  1. Describe the requirements of organization, governance and transparency in the context of NBA
  2. Describe the process of budget allocation, utilization and public accounting in the context of NBA
  3. Enlist the quality of learning resources and internet facilities
  4. Explain the institutional contribution to community development
Module 11
  1. Explain the concept and purpose of documentation in the context of NBA accreditation
  2. Explain the process of documentation
  3. List mandatory documents required for NBA Accreditation
Module 12
  1. State need for preparation for obtaining for NBA accreditation
  2. Describe the process for preparation
  3. Prepare action plan for filling and uploading eSAR
Module 13
  1. Describe the preparation to be made before the NBA evaluation team visit
Module 14
  1. Describe the process of accreditation and on site visit of NBA evaluation team
  2. Arrange the necessary documents, resources and persons to facilitate the visit of the NBA evaluation team
  3. Facilitate the assessment and evaluation process