Accounting With Xero: A Beginner’s Guide

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Master Xero basics to simplify and improve everyday tasks

A good understanding of Xero accounting software is quickly becoming a sought-after skill. This practical four-week course provides a solid foundation for Xero accounting, helping you to set yourself apart in a highly competitive job market.

Get to grips with Xero accounting software basics

You’ll have the chance to learn about several important topics during this Xero training course, including cloud computing, Xero system requirements, and multi-factor authentication.

The fundamentals of Xero accounting software will also be explained. You’ll be given in-depth instructions on adding, updating, and editing accounts; creating, importing, exporting, editing, archiving, and merging customers and suppliers; and creating quotes and invoices.

Understand Xero accounting with a clearly explained framework

The coursework in this Xero training is mapped out over easily accessible sections, so you can apply the knowledge you gain to everyday tasks almost immediately.

You’ll soon be using your Xero accounting skills to deliver better service to clients, streamline processes, and ultimately generate more business and profit.

Let experts guide you as you hone your Xero software skills

As a Xero Education Partner, the Career Academy has delivered Xero training to thousands of satisfied students.

With this great track record and the fact that the course material has been developed by Xero-certified contributors, they’ll give you all the support you need as you learn about this powerful accounting software.

This course is designed for anyone, from job seekers to business owners and managers, looking to improve their career prospects with knowledge of Xero accounting.

To take part in this course you will need a computer, internet access, and access to an authenticator app. You can access the Xero Verify Authenticator on Google Play and You can access the Xero Verify Authenticator app on the Apple Store