Account Management & Sales Force Design

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  • Introduction and Overview
    • This module provides an overview of the key instructors for the specialization and an overview of this course as well as the other courses that make up this specialization.
  • Strategic Planning and Sales Management
    • This module identifies the steps in strategic planning and how the sales function is involved in strategic planning.
  • Brief Overview of Sales Management
    • In this module, we will present a brief overview of Sales Management. Specifically we describe the seven tasks or responsibilities of a sales manager. and how that has evolved over time. We will also talk about the life of a sales manager and you will meet a real sales manager and learn how he got to the position that he has and what his day is like.
  • Inside/Outside Sales, Buying Centers, and Overview of the Personal Selling Process
    • This module presents two kinds of sales operations: inside and outside sales. We also present an overview of personal selling and introduce the concept of a buying center.