Academic Writing

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Course Duration 15 week
Credits : 04
Week 1
Academic & research writing: Introduction; Importance of academic writing; Basic rules of academic writingWeek 2English in academic writing I & II; Styles of research writingWeek 3Plagiarism: Introduction; Tools for the detection of plagiarism; Avoiding plagiarismWeek 4Journal MetricsWeek 5Author MetricsWeek 6Literature review: Introduction, Source of literature; Process of literature reviewWeek 7Online literature databases; Literature management toolsWeek 8Review Paper Writing, I & IIWeek 9Research paper writing I, II, IIIWeek 10Referencing and citation; Submission and; Post submissionWeek 11Thesis Writing I, II & IIIWeek 12Empirical Study I, II & IIIWeek 13Challenges in Indian research & writing; Team management (mentor and collaborators); Time ManagementWeek 14Research proposal writing; Abstract/ Conference Paper/ Book/ Book Chapter writing; OERs: basic concept and licensesWeek 15Open Educational Resources (OERs) for learning & Research; OERs development I & II