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Number of Credits :-4
Myself, Dr Ajay Semalty, from HNB Garhwal University (A Central university) Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand welcome you on behalf of our entire team.After the two successful run of the course in last two cycles, we are proud to present India's most popular SWAYAM MOOC which gotmaximum number of exam registration (among all the SWAYAM MOOCs) and has been listed in top 30 MOOCs worldwide ( So far, more than 20000 learners across more than 85 countries have taken the advantage of the course.
In academic and research, who does not want the publications? In spite of being the vital requirement in academic & research career there is no comprehensive set up of learning academic writing in the knowledge domain. This course aims to fill this gap by providing the fundamental knowledge required for effective and result oriented academic writing. It is a foundation course and the application of this knowledge completely depends on an individual learner and his or her area of research.
Objectives of Course

Upon completing the course, one would be able

1. To differentiate between various kind of academic writings.
2. To identify and avoid the plagiarism.
3. To practice the basic skills of performing quality literature review.
4. To practice the basic skills of research paper, review paper and thesis writing.
5. To target the research work to suitable journal and communicate for publication
6. To practice the Time and team management.
7. To practice digital writing or develop Open Educational Resources (OER).
8. To write research proposals, conference abstract and book chapters/ book proposals.

Target Group

Any student or learner who wants to learn the academic writing. The course shall be helpful for PG students, research scholars, young scientists and faculty members (of any discipline or subject) for their career growth.

Testimonials from learners
"....I was looking for such type of course for many years and finally, you fulfilled my wish to know more about research, guidelines about research, plagiarism, open educational resources, paper writing, thesis writing and many such significant topics for a researcher to know and understand about the various aspects of research." - Dr Anil Patil

It is a great experience. Just like it is a face to face classroom learning. The course providers actually from science faculty even though any one can access in such a way they provided all the information. Their tagged notes to the video is very useful for those who may not interact in web classes. -G. Satyanarayana,Asst. Professor, English.

"The course is interesting, creating curiosity, enthusiasm, educative, stimulating for a professional career. It is useful for practicing teaching faculty, researcher, and professionals. The presentation and transcript are useful and interesting. The presentation is clear, complete and effective. The quiz questions are interesting and challenging." -V.Chandra Sekhara Rao

Team AW
Dr Ajay Semalty
(Course Coordinator & Subject Matter Expert)

Dr Mona Semalty
(Co-Course Coordinator & Subject Matter Expert)

Prof Rajat Agrawal
(Subject Matter Expert)

Mr Lokesh Adhikari
(Instructional Designer)

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Course Duration 15 week
Credits : 04
Week 1
Academic & research writing: Introduction; Importance of academic writing; Basic rules of academic writingWeek 2English in academic writing I & II; Styles of research writingWeek 3Plagiarism: Introduction; Tools for the detection of plagiarism; Avoiding plagiarismWeek 4Journal MetricsWeek 5Author MetricsWeek 6Literature review: Introduction, Source of literature; Process of literature reviewWeek 7Online literature databases; Literature management toolsWeek 8Review Paper Writing, I & IIWeek 9Research paper writing I, II, IIIWeek 10Referencing and citation; Submission and; Post submissionWeek 11Thesis Writing I, II & IIIWeek 12Empirical Study I, II & IIIWeek 13Challenges in Indian research & writing; Team management (mentor and collaborators); Time ManagementWeek 14Research proposal writing; Abstract/ Conference Paper/ Book/ Book Chapter writing; OERs: basic concept and licensesWeek 15Open Educational Resources (OERs) for learning & Research; OERs development I & II