Academic & Research Report Writing

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Academic and research report writing is an essential activity for a contemporary teacher in institutes of higher education. It is a fact that a modern teacher has to play a variety of roles apart from that of an academic instructor. Research is one of such major activities for them. Publication of research findings is an integral part of research. Therefore, it is necessary for a teacher / researcher to learn and apply principles and techniques of report writing for effective dissemination of the academic and research findings. This course intends to introduce the learner to the principles, techniques and tools of academic and research report writing. After successful completion of this course the learner will be able to write reports on various academic activities including research effectively and efficiently.


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1 : Introduction Importance of report writing in academics and research. Various kinds ofacademic and research activities. Necessity of report writing for achievement ofacademic and research goals. Various kinds of reports / presentations. Characteristics of academic and research reports / presentations. Conclusions. ASSIGNMENTS.   Week 2 : Research paper writing Types of research papers, Structure of research papers, Research paper formats, Abstract writing, Methodology, Results and discussions, Different formats forreferencing, Ways of communicating a research paper. ASSIGNMENTS.   Week 3 : Thesis writing Structure of a thesis, Scope of the work, Literature review, Experimental / computational details, Preliminary studies, Results and Discussions, Figures and Tables preparation, Conclusions and future works, Bibliography, Appendices, ASSIGNMENTS.   Week 4 : Tools and Techniques Various word processors, e.g, MS Word, Libra-office, Latex etc. Making effective presentations using Power Point and Beamer, Uses of plagiarism detection tools. ASSIGNMENT.   Week 5 : Miscellaneous Reports Writing research proposals, Writings project proposals, Lecture notes, Progress reports, Utilization reports, Scientific reports etc.   Week 6 : Hands-on and Mini Project Assignment of mini project, Discussions.   Week 7 : Hands-on and Mini Project Assignment of mini project, Discussions.   Week 8 : Hands-on and Mini Project Assignment of mini project, Discussions.