Academic Discussions in English

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  • Introduction to Discussions
    • This is the third course in the Learn English: Advanced Speaking and Listening specialization. In this class you will learn about different types of conversations you will have in academic settings. You will also learn some strategies for helping you understand other people's meaning and for helping you express yourself effectively. This first module will show you the importance of effective academic conversational English. You'll see how it is different from other conversational English and why it is necessary to make you successful in college environments. Finally, you'll do a video assignment in which you record yourself in a group discussion. You'll submit this video for feedback on your discussion techniques.
  • Elaboration
    • This week, you'll learn about the importance of elaborating in a conversation and learn to avoid some common problems that occur when elaboration doesn't happen. You'll learn several ways to add examples to your discussions and how to use critical thinking to take make your discussions go deeper. Again, you will have the chance to practice having a group discussion and to submit a video of it for feedback.
  • Interaction
    • Now, you'll learn how to maintain a smooth discussion by avoiding common problems with interaction and participation. You'll also learn how to listen to other speakers' ideas and learn how to agree or disagree with others in your discussion. Once again, you will be able to practice having a group discussion, and you will record and share the video with other learners.
  • Synthesis
    • In the final week, you will learn how to synthesize the ideas in your discussions and how to come up with meaningful take-aways and action points. You'll also learn how to reflect on the important points in a discussion so that the whole thing is meaningful. You will get one more chance to demonstrate your discussion skills and get feedback by sharing a video of your discussion.