A First Step Towards SAP HANA Query Optimization

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SAP HANA provides a robust set of techniques for advanced query processing. To fully benefit from the capabilities of SAP HANA, the first step is to optimize your queries. For better performance, it’s also important to understand the characteristics of SAP HANA and the techniques that can be applied to improve the execution time, as well as the analysis tools you can use to investigate query performance issues.
In this course, you’ll learn how to analyze query performance issues in SAP HANA and optimize queries yourself, including investigating out-of-memory (OOM) issues deriving from queries and finding solutions to improve execution time.
You’ll discover SQL processing, for example, how SQL queries are processed in SAP HANA, and how the SAP HANA SQL optimizer works.
This course also contains techniques and insights that can be applied to improve SQL performance after introducing SAP HANA-specific features such as column search. You’ll also explore the tools that can be used for performance analysis, such as various monitoring views, EXPLAIN PLAN, and PlanViz.
At the end of the course, you’ll work on case studies that illustrate some of the key points.
The course includes demos to highlight key aspects and hands-on exercises to reinforce learning points.