A Brief History of Human Spaceflight

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  • Introduction
    • A welcome video and course syllabus
  • Unit 1 - Apollo 11 Moon Landing
    • Learn about the Apollo 11 moon landing with interesting interviews with the astronauts who made history
  • Unit 2 - Humankind’s Musings on Space Travel
    • Learn about how previous generations thought about the possibility of space travel
  • Unit 3 - Early Rocketry
    • Learn about how rockets were developed from the ancient Chinese through today's powerful rockets
  • Unit 4 - Early Soviet Space Program
    • Learn about steps the Soviet Union took to launch the first man in space
  • Unit 5 - Mercury Program
    • Learn about the United State's first efforts to put a human in space
  • Unit 6 - Gemini Program
    • Learn about how NASA refined their human space flight program in preparation for a moon landing
  • Unit 7 - Apollo Program
    • Learn about the last technical innovations required to land a human on the moon
  • Unit 8 - Early Space Stations
    • Learn about how the early steps taken to send humans in space for extended missions
  • Unit 9 - Soviet - US Collaboration in Space
    • Learn how the Soviet Union and US began to learn to collaborate in space
  • Unit 10 - Soviet and Russian Mir Space Station
    • Learn about activities on the Russian Mir space station and the extensive activities with the Americans
  • Unit 11 - Spaceflight Disasters
    • Learn about the various disasters that occur during the period of human spaceflight