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Week 1: 3D GIS Introduction

  • What is 3D GIS?
  • Introduction to ArcGIS Scene
  • 3D data types (file formats: 3D features, DEM, TIN)
  • Editing 3D features
  • 3D Feature Analysis
  • 3D Tips and Tricks (Best practices)

Week 2: 3D Raster Analysis

  • Digital Elevation Model (LiDAR, SfM, Topomap)
  • Difference between DSM, DTM, DEM
  • DEM processing (slope and aspect)
  • 3D Application (Tree height from LiDAR)
  • Solar Radiation and visibility analysis

Week 3: Watershed Delineation

  • Watershed
  • Preparing DEM for watershed analysis
  • Delineate watershed from DEM (compare to a real river)

Week 4: 3D Visualization

  • 3D Visualization in ArcGIS Scene
  • Make a 3D presentation (Terrain and Surface Visualization)
  • Urban visualization