С/C++ for competitive programming

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  • Module 1: Variables
    • In this module of our course, we will: write our first program in C++; talk about troubles beginners usually face; learn how to run programs locally; learn different data types.
  • Module 2: Conditional operators and Cycles
    • In this module of our course we will: learn about logical and conditional operations; talk about loops.
  • Module 3: Arrays and Functions
    • In this module, we will talk about static arrays, sorting algorithms, functions and recursion.
  • Module 4: Complex data structures
    • In this module, we will consider more complex constructions of C++: pointers and references, structures, and also
      containers vector and string.
  • Module 5: Basic low-level features and numeral systems
    • In this module, we will focus on low-level work with variables and the values ​​stored in them: we will learn about faster I / O, the bit representation of various types of numbers in memory, and bit operations.