Miríada X: Pandemias: nuevas infecciones virales

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Often we hear about the emergence of new viral infections: a new influenza virus H7N9 in China, a new strain of coronavirus in the Middle East, dengue fever in tropical and southern Europe, the recent outbreak of Ebola in Africa or Chikungunya in America. 

It is estimated that the pandemic of “Spanish” flu of 1918 caused over 25 million deaths. Since the first AIDS case was discovered in 1981, there have been about 60 million infected people, of which over 20 million have died.

 What all these have in common ?: infections that are caused by a virus. Today in the XXI century, a virus can change the world ?, may be a new global epidemic ?, why new viral infections arise?  

In this course we will explain what a virus is and how it multiplies, talk about the origin of the AIDS virus and how the new flu virus originated. We’ll see how it was Ebola epidemic and what is the role of mosquitoes in transmission of the virus. We will answer these and many other questions in a scientific but very informative language. Welcome to the course “Pandemic: new viral infections.”

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