Kadenze: Introduction to Motion Design: Animated GIFs

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Animated GIFs are kind of like the flipbooks of the digital age. Quick and easy to produce and distribute, but with almost endless creative possibilities, the creation of animated GIFs is a great way to begin to explore both digital and traditional time based media. The popularity of animated GIFs in social media and advertising, the rise of short form video sharing sites like Vine and Instagram, and the ability to easily create short animations and videos with mobile devices make this kind of “micro cinema” an important part of our contemporary media landscape. Course will include introduction to creating GIFs with Adobe Photoshop.


Session 1: Animated Gifs
Intro to course and basic Photoshop. Intro to basic composition, design elements and principles.

Session 2: Animated Gifs – Photography Basics
Intro to pre-visualization and storyboarding, basic animation principles, creating and animating imagery, and design principles.

Session 3: Animated Gifs – Premiere
Basic Premiere editing. Design principles; rhythm, pattern, repetition.

Session 4: Title Transformation – Intro To After Effects Pt. 1
Basic After Effects. Design principles; proximity, alignment and grids.

Session 5: Title Transformation – Intro To After Effects Pt. 2
Working with typography. Design principles; scale, figure and ground.

Session 6: Title Transformation – Intro To After Effects Pt. 3
Intro to concept development. Design principles; emphasis and focal point.

Session 7: Title Transformation – Pre Visualization For Titles
Understanding an creating style frames and presentation storyboards. Basic color theory. Building simple color palettes; dominant, subordinate and accent colors. Design principles; harmony, unity and variety.

Session 8: Title Transformation – Animation For Titles
Creating more complex After Effects animation.

Session 9: Title Transformation – Complete Titles/ Begin Video Principles Project
Reinforce Photoshop to create composites for style frames and storyboards.

Session 10: Video Principles
Pulling keys from green screen footage in After Effects.

Session 11: Video Principles – Animation And Compositing
More advanced After Effects compositing and animation techniques.

Session 12: Video Principles – Production And Post Production
Reinforcing Premiere editing in creation of reel.

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