Culture and Art Making

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What inspires and influences us as artists? This course offers a unique cross-cultural comparative study of creative practice. The class will be conducted in a presentation and discussion format, and is introspective and participatory. Individually, students will share their own art-making and artistic influences across a variety of topics and be asked to examine and articulate what factors shape their values and aesthetics. As part of this, students will also be asked to document aspects of their lives as well as collect examples of art and media.

During this  five week project, students will be given a theme they will develop into a story. This story will form the basis for an original artwork produced during the class, in any medium the student chooses. At the end of the five week period, each story will be presented in the format chosen by the artist. By comparing and analyzing the work, the class will examine differences and similarities of interpretation and expression between cultures.


Session 1: Definitions And Concepts Of Culture 
What is culture, and how does it shape us? How do we shape culture?
Session 2: Where Do We Come From And How Are We Affected By Environment? 
What role does place play in how we express ourselves?
Session 3: Legends And Myths. 
What stories best represent your culture? What are actual events in your generation that may become legend?
Session 4: Heroes And Role Models 
Who are the characters from your generation and society that have had the greatest influence? Why?
Session 5: Story Presentation “Forbidden Love” 
Presentation of student works prompted by the theme “Forbidden Love.”

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  • Seoul Institute of the Arts
  • Tay Yoo

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