AP® English Literature & Composition – Part 1: Stories

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    This course prepares you to read more deeply and write more clearly about works of literature. Through an engaging collection of videos, authentic readings, and support material from a variety of sources, you will learn to appreciate literature from different genres. This course will focus on reading, interpreting and writing about fiction and gothic literature.

    You will broaden your vocabulary while you sharpen your academic and creative writing skills. Interaction with other students will help you to refine your thinking about the reading and writing as well. You will learn to write under time pressure, and have the opportunity to complete practice assignments that are similar to those you will find on the AP examination.

    There are no prerequisites; you don’t have to take the AP exam to join the course. If you want to learn about literature and writing, this course is for you.


    Week 1: Introduction to Fiction
    Overview of form and vocabulary
    Goals of AP courses
    What is Gothic horror?
    Week 2: Shelley 1
    Mary Shelley: Her Life, Her Monster
    What is close reading?
    Week 3: Shelley 2
    Frankenstein: Then and Now
    Why write about literature?
    Week 4: Stoker 1
    The Real Dracula: Vlad the Impaler
    What is literary evidence?
    Week 5: Stoker 2
    Vampires: Not just for breakfast
    How can you plan your writing?
    Week 6: Writing about Fiction
    Writing: Introductions are Hard!
    What are editing and revising?
    Week 7: finish homework and grading

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